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Cranio-sacral treatment

focuses on balancing the body or life flow through the nervous system that is trapped between the cranium (skull) and sacrum (sacrum). The goal is to create more space in the system, where it has shrunk and stuck over the course of life. It is a gentle technique with an amazing effect in various areas such as stress, burnout, migraine, back pain, depression, insomnia, stomach and intestinal problems. I use a biodynamic approach, which works sensitively and deeply and is based on the organism as a whole and the inherent health of the client. The biodynamic approach works with the energetic forces under the symptoms and helps those forces find their natural balance. This allows for a reorganization in the tissues and the energy patterns that come from within. That way, the client’s system is encouraged to find its own solution to the state it is in. The treatment takes place over light clothing, preferably loose, comfortable clothing such as jogging pants and T-shirt. Craniosacral is not a real massage, sometimes I use some massage and deep muscle work.

What does a session consist of?

A session consists of a combination of what I have collected in my toolbox in the meantime, which is not always conceivable in advance. You are the healer of your own process; I support you in that. We start with a short conversation. Cranio (body work) is usually the entrance after that, I often use sound (voice and singing bowls) for that, as well as energetic techniques from Barbara Brennans School of Light. A separate sound session can also move a lot. Regression sometimes arises spontaneously during a craniotreatment, the deep relaxation can release images or memories from the past. Sometimes I enter into a conversation with an organ or body part, each has its own story. I do not consciously use Reiki, it is in my hands and comes where it is needed. With visceral work I connect with the organs, which have their own energy patterns and subtle movements; by going along with these movements, the organ (and the accompanying emotional patterns) gets space and heals. Spiritual astrology is a separate session, and can provide insight into family/ancestral patterns and how it is that you always encounter your challenges in your life and what you can do with them. The same goes for family constellations: this can be a separate session in a 1 on 1 constellation, and it can also happen during a cranio treatment, in the mind.

If you have a question, we can throw and interpret theI Tjing (this is also possible with a few people). The correct formulation of your question is important here: the clearer your question, the clearer the answer. We therefore look together at the formulation and what exactly your question is. You can also borrow books and various tarot decks.

Relevant training courses from Eef

  • Shamanic trainings
  • Reiki 1,2,3
  • Polarity Therapy and Massage
  • Awakening your Light Body and Sequels
  • Craniosacral therapy and all kinds of further training modules, in particular a lot of brain work
  • Cranio-sacral biodynamics
  • Family constellations, including Health and Illness with Stefan Hausner, the Bert Hellinger Institute, Hylke Bonnema, Daan van Kampenhout
  • (Spiritual) astrology
  • Pansori Living Sound (developing the healing power of sound and voice)
  • Trainings with Marc Blausten, based on Barbara Brennans School of Light, with use of shamanic ‘medicine’.

Cranio-Sacral System and Treatment

The Craniosacral system consists of the brain, the spinal cord, the thick membrane that surrounds it and the cerebrospinal fluid that flows between the two. The whole is surrounded and protected by the bones of the skull (Cranium) and spine to the bottom of your sacrum (Sacrum). Within this system is also the nervous system. The rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid is created by a pumping system deep inside the brain. The bones of the skull expand, then the vertebrae are slightly pushed apart and the sacrum rotates downward and then inward. This Cranio Sacral rhythm manifests itself as an expanding and contracting wave that can be felt all over the body, comparable to the movement of ebb and flow. We can think of this rhythm as the breathing of the nervous system. This system controls the functioning of everything that happens in the body. This makes the Cranio-Sacral rhythm, next to breathing and heartbeat, the third primary life function of the body.

Cranio-Sacral therapy does not treat the disease symptoms as such, but rather treats “the client”. The practitioner not only pays attention to the complaints, but also to the possible causes thereof. These causes can be of a physical nature, but also of a psychological nature or a combination of these. For this reason, it is not possible to provide standard treatment for a specific complaint.

Often the skull, the spine and the sacrum are treated. However, the rhythm of the Cranio-Sacral system can also be felt in other places all over the body. The practitioner will experience the frequency and strength of the rhythm in different parts of the body. In this way, movement disturbances of connective tissue, cramps and imbalance within the body are determined. The practitioner will work on optimizing the elasticity and space within the skull bones and the other parts of the Cranio-Sacral system. To this end, the practitioner will go along with the rhythm and exert a light pressure on the system. In this way the body is invited to relax and create space. Within this new form of therapy, which has been practiced since the 1990s, the purely physical work is supplemented with Somato Emotional Release. If the physical block has an emotional history that has not yet been resolved, then it is possible to “engage in conversation” with the trauma.

Cranio sacral

During the treatment “soft” techniques are used. Nevertheless, the client should not be surprised if an increase in complaints is experienced temporarily, sometimes even for a few days, due to the activation of the physical forces. This process is similar to the effects of homeopathy. During the treatment, forces are released in the body that continue to act as a domino effect after the treatment. However, after this self-regulating process of the body, improvement and relaxation will occur.

I did the training and many further training modules at the PCSA (Peirsman Cranio Sacral Academy). Under this link you will find more and accessible information.
I followed the biodynamic training with Roger Gilchrist: Cranio-sacral biodynamics.

Since January 2017 I am no longer affiliated with the NCSV (Dutch Cranio-Sacral Association) and the RBCZ (Register Professional Practitioners Complementary Care) and I am therefore no longer reimbursed from the supplementary package. This is because a new HBO medical basic knowledge is required at bachelor level, in which I no longer want to invest my energy. It means that I use a lower rate, which has to be paid from my own resources. If that is a problem, please indicate it, we may find a creative solution.

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