You will receive 1 set from us per stay with a kitchen towel, tea towel and dishcloth.
You can bring your own bottom sheet, pillowcase, duvet cover and any additional towels and tea towels and can also be rented.

Duvets and extra blankets are provided.

Group accommodation:
– 3 double beds, 11 single beds with matching duvets
– a cot.

Eend, Pauw, Stijlkamer,
Boomhut and Cocon all have a double of 140 cm wide.
De Duif has a bed of 120 cm with a single duvet and a single bed.
Kerkuil and Hoekappartement have two single beds
De Kota has two single folding mattresses on the sofas.
Het Huisje has a double bed downstairs and two single mattresses in the attic.

For rent:

  • € 6 for a single set of sheets
  • € 8.50 for a 2-person set of sheets
  • € 5 p.p. for a towel set
  • € 2.50 for an extra kitchen towel set
  • € 7.50 for a hammam towel set with slippers for the sauna

Your dog is welcome,  we ask for an extra contribution of € 6 per day per dog, there are many beautiful walks in the immediate vicinity.

– Only in consultation and at your own risk
– Well-behaved and not aggressive
– Flea-treated 
– Not barky 
– Don’t leave alone
– Leashed on the property because of our poultry
– Needs (including puddles) outside the yard.
– Not in the sleeping quarters (bring a bench if necessary)

Pay attention to the following when you come with a small dog that they are not afraid and (therefore) aggressive in contact with other dogs. We have a very friendly Finnish Lapphund, Vita, very social and slightly dominant. Especially when the smaller dog is on a leash, such behavior sometimes provokes a rebuke from Vita, because then the other dog feels bigger, together with the owner.  The dog must also behave as a guest ;-). If you have such a dog, a female, please warn us, then we will first keep Vita inside when you arrive, so that the dog is already in the yard and Vita does not have to defend her property. This does not apply to puppies and males.

In Principle one dog is welcome on those conditions, if there are more in a room, something goes wrong more often. 

A cat can also come along, when treated with flea.

Use of the sauna room costs per 2 hours:

€ 14, – for 1 person
€ 20 for 2 people
Each additional person in the age of 2 years or older: € 10, – p.p. with a maximum of € 50,- with a maximum of 6 people

Click here for more info.


  • There is a microwave and small oven available on the ‘deel’.

Group accommodation:

  • Dishwasher (For self-catering: provide your own dishwasher tablets, tea towels, towels and toilet paper)
  • Microwave
  • Television and DVD player

A washing machine is available for € 5 per wash incl. detergent, hang up yourself.

There are several supermarkets in Borculo, Eibergen and Neede, approx. 5 km from Haarlo, accessible by car, local bus or bicycle.

No, for that you have to be in Borculo, Eibergen or Neede, just like for cash withdrawals.

The rent of the rooms and also the meals are inclusive for private persons, for companies exclusive 9% VAT.

No smoking inside. You can smoke outside, and in wet weather under a shelter. There are empty bottles for the butts.

There is a wireless connection in the group room and the apartments. The Wi-Fi is switched off between 01:00 and 08:00.

There is an information folder in the group room and apartments, including walking and cycling routes in the area.
We have a cycling junction route map for sale.
There are also the Achterhoek Tourist Office, phone number 0900-2692888, or Achterhoek promotion

VVV Borculo, 5 Hofstraat, 0545-271966, VVV Eibergen, Kerkstraat 3a, 0545-471911

Sporting activities possibly via Sportwijzer in Eibergen

There is the kulturhus for eg yoga, dance or sports, with various rooms, phone number 0545-261447, and the dome church for a larger choir, with information via the same website. Both are a 3-minute walk through the forest lane.

Haarlo has 2 tennis courts. Rent a court: information at Gertjan Rupert, phone 0545-261415