Meals: eat on the Erve

Enjoy a vegetarian, organic meal, costs € 19.50 (3 courses); meal 6.30 pm, welcome from 6.15 pm; on Friday or Saturday if there is sufficient interest. You can also order a meal here as a guest (in principle, it depends on the cook’s availability: we can’t promise this well in advance, but a lot is possible in collaboration). You can buy ingredients in the organic shop, you don’t have to leave the house, and there are restaurants nearby, 1 within walking distance.


People who do not stay here are also welcome at the stand-by meal.

Sometimes activities are organized afterwards, such as meditation and singing evenings, a lecture, concert or film evening. The current program is in the agenda. Do you have a suitable idea and enthusiasts for such an evening, you are also welcome.

Sauna room

A wonderful sauna room is available for our guests, with a dry + infused wet sauna, an infrared sauna, pouring bucket, rain shower, couch, sun canopy, foot bath. Wonderful as a couple, or alone if you are doing an individual retreat, or with a group: approx. 6 people can use it at the same time. The rest room is your own apartment or the adjoining terrace.


€14 for 1 person, €20 for 2 people for 2 hours, for each person from 2 €10 with a maximum of €50.
For €7.50 you can rent a bathrobe or a hammam package (3 towels (including 1 wrap) in different sizes + slippers

Bike rental

We have a limited number of simple ladies and gentlemen’s bicycles for rent for our guests and a 26-inch children’s bicycle for €6.50 per day. Also 2 low entry e-bikes: €15 per day or €10 per half-day. There are some child seats and bicycle bags available.

In addition, an electric scooter for €30 per day or €20 per half-day (no helmet needed yet).
If you want more, you can go to a bicycle shop in Borculo or Eibergen.

Stone sale

Various beautiful and healing semi gemstones are in a display case on the ‘deel’ and are also for sale: beautiful labradorite pieces, jasper, rose quartz, celestite, amethyst, agate, fluorite, tourmaline, rock crystal and others, as well as beautiful selenite lamps. In the group room, an enormous amethyst offers its harmonizing effect.

We also have the handmade Shanti bells (Zafir and Koshi) from the Pyrenees, rich in overtones and tuned in 5 (Zafir) and 4 (Koshi) harmonic chords.

Organic shop

There is an organic shop especially for our guests.
We have coffee, herbal teas, (frozen spelled) bread and all kinds of spreads, muesli, eggs, potatoes, rice, cereals, pasta, lentils, olive oil, rice milk, fruit juices, organic wine, chips, sugar-free cookies and chocolate and so on; vegetables, fruit and (goat) cheese to a limited extent.

Binnenruimte Erve Veldink

Book corner

There is a small collection of books to borrow to read while you are here. You will find the book corner on the ‘deel’ between the Eend and Pauw apartments. If you have read a nice book yourself and you no longer want to take it with you, you can leave it here for a next guest and bring another novel with you (please note: we would like to keep stamped books here).

Chi machine

A Chi Vitalizer is available for our guests. This is a simple but effective device that has a profound effect on a physical, emotional and psychological level. It brings the spine and thus the whole body in a snake-like motion and acts on the nervous system. Simply lie down and put your feet in the support, switch on the machine for the desired program and relax.


On the lawn behind the farm we have a fire bowl where, in not too much wind, a controlled campfire can be made. For children it is fun to make baguettes from bread dough, with a frankfurter or something similar in it. That was always a success at children’s parties. Or sing together and make music. Remember that the noise carries far in the evening and that you do not disturb other guests.

2021-kampvuur-PHOTO-2021-05-15-08-23-53 (Custom)

You can gather wood yourself in the surrounding forests, there is also wood for sale for € 5 per basket or you can bring your own wood burning stove. Painted waste wood should not be used.


For guests and for ourselves we have installed an Aqua Optimizer, with which we have soft and vitalized tap water. Nice to drink and for the skin and because it runs through the entire building (in the pipes) it also has a harmonizing effect. People who are sensitive to radiation feel the difference. If you like the water, you can also order it from us.