Participate on Erve Veldink

Garden help day

The garden help day is open to anyone who is curious about Erve Veldink and who wants to work outside in a beautiful environment. You work with the residents present in the gardens of Erve Veldink. Sometimes we also tackle other maintenance jobs. For those interested in living (see living), this day is also intended to get a better idea of ​​the place, the residents, the objective and any available living space.


Present at 09.30. We start with coffee/tea and work at 10am, so we would like you to be there before 9.50am. From the list of activities for that day you can then find out what suits your physical capabilities and skills. Then we work together in the garden and vegetable garden.

During breaks and while working, there is an opportunity to meet residents and other participants, ask questions and exchange. Interrupted by lunch and tea / coffee breaks, we work until around 5 p.m. and sometimes close with a sauna. We see lunch and coffee / tea during the garden work day as an exchange for work in the garden.

If there is room, you can arrive the night before to rent some; inquire about availability. Sometimes we organize an activity in the evening (joint meal, inspiring film). Click on the button below for an overview of all dates.

Call 0651602861 / 0545-261448if you have any further questions.

To carry?

Welcome, we can always use help with small and / or large jobs in exchange for, for example, accommodation. This can be for a shorter as well as a longer period, preferably for 3 weeks or longer with a trial period of one week. Contact us to find something suitable together.

Who are you?

  • Independent
  • Practical
  • Proactive
  • Communicative (open and connected)
  • Consciously

Who are we?

We currently consist of a small residential community, each with its own residence and own responsibilities. There are of course moments of togetherness and there is also enough space to be on your own. We stay in touch through partial rounds, interim meetings, joint activities and / or home moments.

Areas of Focus:

  • Handyman/woman:
    – building/remodeling
    – maintenance
    – painting
    – electricity
    – plumbing
    – tiling
    – plasterer
  • Garden (ornamental and vegetable garden)
    – pruning work
    – weeding
    – mowing
    – sowing and reaping

You can participate on a garden help day to see if it is right for you: it is nice to have met you before we agree on something final. Click on the button below for an overview of all dates.