Mission and vision


We want to offer a place and create a bed for guests and residents, to live in attention, to relax, to recharge, to reflect, to come to oneself and to connect with each other. And with that we also want to pass on something of what we receive so richly.


In life it is about growing towards consciousness. Nature gives us peace and healing.

By choosing to do so, taking the time, and being away from fixed patterns, there is room for consciousness and health, inspiration and clear insights and life can become simple again. Various treatments contribute to this.



To this end, we offer special and comfortable apartments and a nice group accommodation at this beautiful power spot in nature. For those who want that, there are delicious organic meals, the opportunity for group meditation and guidance for personal growth and development. Garden work days and various group activities are regularly organized that provide opportunities for relaxation and connection.

Who inspires Erve Veldink?

Eef van Leeuwen (not Veldink, as is sometimes thought):

“For more than 35 years, more than half my life in the meantime, I have devoted an important part of my life to developing the possibilities of this place into a center for inspiration and awareness.

Ever since I was a student, I have had the ideal to live in a place outside with like-minded people and to work there in a way that is human, environmentally and animal-friendly; in contact, with attention to the inner world, that has always been my interest.

When we discovered Erve Veldink in 1981, the atmosphere of the Erve and all the possibilities that the place offered immediately struck me. Before we bought the farm, not directly from the Veldink family, but about 7 years later, the place had already had a whole history in 6 centuries, as an old-style living and working community. We wanted to start a small residential group or community there.

In the beginning, the emphasis was on developing various creative aspects through courses and summer weeks.

I have had a ceramics studio and a gallery here. My 2 children grew up here and now I often enjoy my grandchildren here. We have organized various types of summer vacation weeks with residents from music, theater, ceramics, painting, dance expression and acrobatics to 10 years of Argentine tango weeks and Erve weeks, and retreats now.

Over time, the center of gravity has shifted from expression to inner growth. This went hand in hand with my own development. All kinds of training here, including many shamanic training, have helped me in this, along with the intensive process of living with others and various training courses that I followed (including polarity therapy, awakening your light body, (bio-dynamic) cranio-sacral, sound healing, family constellations, spiritual astrology).

My goal: to create a place where people can feel at home in a loving welcome to deal with the things that affect them. I’m glad to hear from people that this has taken off in the meantime. Place and residents contribute to this.”

“We provide a foundation and create fertile space for growth, personal and spiritual, to become who you can be. Welcome for a shorter or longer stay!”