Erve Veldink

Somewhere in the Achterhoek is a monumental farm. Chickens, ducks, peacocks and pigeons roam the yard.
In the distance you can hear a cuckoo, oriole, horses grazing in the meadow. Beautiful clearings in the forest invite to meditation.

Erve Veldink is a farm with a history dating back to the 14th century. The current buildings are 120 years old and are listed as a historical monument. They are located on the edge of the village of Haarlo (near Borculo) in the middle of the typical Achterhoek bocage landscape, with its private character and beautiful views, where pieces of forest, pasture, fields and streams alternate. Great for walks, bike rides and stargazing. You can also swim in a beautiful lake nearby.

The farm is inhabited by a small residential community.

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The starting point here is consciousness, real contact and living from your heart.
There is a group accommodation course room in a converted stable next to the farm and on the ‘deel’ a few attractive apartments have been realized, each for 1-3 people. Very suitable for people who are looking for a place where they can relax, in a radiation-free environment (the WiFi is turned off at night, in the Cocon, Kota and the tree house you are less affected by radiation anyway). You can be there by yourself with the opportunity to meet like-minded people, for example at a side-by-side meal. Or for people who just want to get away to try some of the many walking and cycling routes in the beautiful nature of the Achterhoek. Various forms of guidance are possible when desired.

“I provide a bedding and create fertile space for growth, personal and spiritual, to become who you can be. Welcome for a shorter or longer stay!”


Personal retreat

Soon you can also come to Portugal for a personal retreat: Erve 2.0 is emerging in a beautiful place in the Algarve.
Close to the sea and wonderful in the winter months.

Mail to if you want to know where and when you can go.

Silence / sound meditation

In principle, on weekdays we have a silence or sound meditation from 09.00 to 09.30 for those who want to participate.
In good weather it takes place outside.

Guests and walkers are more than welcome.

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Personal retreat soon also in Portugal

22 May 2021
Personal retreat soon also in Portugal

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