The effect of sound is increasingly recognized and scientifically endorsed. There is now a wide range of sound work in all forms. Wonderful results are not only achieved with sound in the alternative circuit, but also in the medical world.

Sound is neutral and direct in its healing, integrating effect. Everything in the universe is made up of vibration and resonance. Man is part of the universe and our entire organism is also composed of vibration and resonance. The vibrations of sound therefore have a direct effect on all layers of the human system and on the space surrounding us.

There are great possibilities in the use of the human voice to use the healing capacity of the human being. The human voice is capable of producing an enormous wealth of sounds. The different frequencies of the human voice create unique vibrations and healing qualities. Every body cell resonates to the sound; the sound vibrations hit us everywhere allowing sound to harmonize our entire human system. Especially the sounds of the human voice: after all, that is so unique and recognizable to the receiver.

Working with sound is based on the effect of the vibrations of the sound itself.
That means that the will, the vision, or the personality of the one who produces the sound cannot direct or direct. The sound itself finds its way to areas that are disturbed.
What can have an influence is the receptivity of the receiver: is he open to the sounds, to what extent can he or she let it in, can the sound resound freely?
When the singer’s personality is transparent (permeable to what wants to sound) and when the voice has become free, the sound is rich in high frequencies that address disturbed areas on their own original frequency. With a free voice, rich in high frequencies, we speak of sound with brilliance.


Every mood and state of mind can be perceived in the sound of your voice.
A voice is colored by anger, sadness, joy, pain, hope, fear and everything that lives in us. When we swallow this, physical and emotional blockages arise. If we project this onto the other, we surpass ourselves. If, on the other hand, we give this sounding expression, we can perceive in our own voice what wants to be heard by ourselves. It also releases what we consciously or not keep in. Air and space are created.

The resonance of the sound affects all layers of the human system. We can sing for a physical complaint that we experience or for an emotion that overcomes us. You can sing for all that is in you. This creates space for its natural state of wholeness in the area you let sound.

Guidance with sound by Eef van Leeuwen:

Sometimes I only use cranio and sometimes only sound, but usually I use sound and touch together. The attunement with attention and intention, my hands, voice and singing bowls are the most important ingredients; I experience the sound as a support and deepening of the bodywork: it cleans, organizes, clears up. When singing for a client, I sometimes invite them to join in.

For people who have difficulty with a physical touch, a sound session can mean a safe way of contact, in which a lot is ‘touched’ in you.