Get away for a while….
Contact with nature …
Release tensions….
Gain insight into how you want to proceed …

Paarden in de wei

You can rent an apartment and be completely on your own. You can also opt for support tailored to you. For example, every day for an hour or a few hours a week.

In the winter months I, Eef, spend a lot of time in Portugal, in a beautiful place in the Algarve, near Lagos. You can choose to hold your retreat there, on an old ‘quinta’, an Erve 2.0, with the advantage of clear skies, sun, sea nearby and a wonderful climate.

Quinta met palmen

There is a family constellation day a few times a year. A beautiful enrichment in your retreat, with profound, enlightening and liberating insights.
Feel free to call if you have any questions or want to know if it might be something for you.

Based on your question in a (usually short) conversation and with my expertise, insight, empathy and being guided, we look at what you want to give attention to. Where things can get simple again, because sometimes life seems so complicated.

By means of a cranio-sacral treatment you experience where you limit yourself and how you can give yourself more space. You can experience this first-hand, because of the deep relaxation it opens you to feelings and insights, which is why we often start with it, after an introductory conversation.

I use voice and sound to deepen the effect. Every body cell resonates to the sound; the sound vibrations hit us everywhere allowing sound to harmonize our entire human system. Especially the sounds of the human voice: after all, that is so unique and recognizable to the receiver. Moreover, the sounding and expressing itself has a liberating effect. Working with sound is based on the effect of the vibrations of the sound itself.

A family constellation and an explanation of spiritual points in your horoscope give recognition and insight into where you are going, what you come here to experience and bring and what you still have to clear up, what karmic family themes are.

Paying attention to your breathing and meditations give your life more depth and fulfillment and bring you in contact with the wholeness and beauty of this moment. You experience how to live from a state of Being in which everything is good as it is.

Emotional healing: feeling through and welcomingunprocessed experiences with the consciousness of now, melts the frozen energy of fear, pain, sadness, shame, anger, rejection, loneliness.

Insight into and feeling (making contact with) different parts of the brain during a cranio-brain treatment gives a deep rest and helps you out of the grip of perfectionism, (self) criticism and destructive life patterns.

Awareness exercises and meditations that you can also do at home ensure that it has an effect in your daily life.

Sometimes a walk with conversation is a suitable addition.

All this, together with staying in a nice apartment in nature and also going into nature yourself, offers the possibility for a greater sense of self-esteem, sense of life and living your qualities from the wholeness of this moment. This allows you to do better both in your private life and in your profession and your contacts.


In addition to personal guidance

  • If you want more care, you can usually cook organic and/or vegetarian/vegan
  • You can participate in a daily silent meditation
  • There are like-minded people, it is possible to have a tea time together in the yard or in our living room and there is regularly an organic vegetarian join-in meal that you can participate in
  • You can also borrow inspiring books and a chi machine is at your disposal
  • Of course you can enjoy nature, your pleasant apartment, the special place and stray animals; they give a lot in themselves!

Why would you do a retreat here?

  • You can board at any time, often last minute
  • It is tailor-made: the counseling offer is in consultation and can be adjusted as needed.
  • Bodywork is a direct entrance, also for mental processes
  • No cancellation because a group is not full, it always goes on
  • For people who can be quite independent with their process, there is no full-day program
  • There are (almost) always like-minded people here

I can’t say it better than a client.

Your treatment was an extraordinary experience. I am particularly impressed by the wisdom and intelligence of my body. It has filled me with a deep awe. Outside, along the fields and in the forest I could find peace and refuel. Within, with you, I could discover parts of myself that were so deeply hidden that I couldn’t reach them myself. So I couldn’t live to the fullest. I feel a lot happier, have faith in life again. Also “my little house” gave me the security, protection and heating that I so needed. It all fit perfectly. Many thanks, Eef, for your loving care and attention.

A price example: 1 midweek in your own apartment with 5 hours of supervision (1 to 1½ hours daily) costs €444, see Costs for price specification. A week with 5 hours of guidance costs €555; if you can make the time, take a week! Just when you really need it, don’t take it short: it will yield you even more, certainly in relation to your (financial and energy) investment.

Program example midweek (€ 444)

  • Monday from 14:00 arrival and a little later (or on Tuesday) a first treatment (sound or cranio or combined). I like to start with a cranio treatment to get to a deeper layer of yourself, that works throughout the week. It gives a lot of relaxation and recognition of who you really are, in addition to better physical flow and space in your body, if necessary in the evening. participation in a join-up meal (3 courses for €19.50).
  • Tuesday a day to go into nature and possibly. to do breathwork yourself (with spoken and music accompaniment on CD or your phone).
  • Wednesday 1 on 1 family constellation, coaching based on spiritual points in your horoscope or other session.
  • Thursday a follow-up cranio-sacral treatment, sauna use (not included) or a rest day.
  • Final talk on Friday and departure.

With a full week retreat, there may also be a weekend session, depending on time and how it suits you.


  • Use of an apartment from Monday 2 p.m. to Friday 11 a.m. (based on basic price in low season; surcharge for high season and for a more expensive apartment than De Pauw).
  • Sheets, towels and final cleaning.
  • The talks and treatments are included up to a total of 5 hours. The sessions last 1 to 1.5 hours. The prices mentioned here are for private individuals including VAT and tourist tax, with a business invoice the prices are exclusive of those taxes.
  • Participation in a daily silent meditation.
  • You can use a chi machine for the entire (mid) week.


During the introductory meeting we discuss the program, and if necessary we can adjust it. Usually we start with a cranio session, often combined with sound. Addition with extra conversations, sessions or treatments is possible, and the classification can be changed, eg in connection with different appointments or needs.

For more information or to make a reservation, please contact Eef van Leeuwen, by email and with your telephone number if you would like to be called back. For a retreat on the Erve you can choose an apartment yourself and see if it is available via the booking system.