Eef van Leeuwen: feel at home with yourself and be welcome to handle the things that touch you

In the summer for about three months and sometimes a little shorter in between.
From July to about mid or late September 2023, Eef will be back at De Erve
and it is possible to book a Craniosacral treatment or other guidance with her Erve

We have a deep faith in the tranquility and healing effect of nature, and that is in all its fullness around Erve Veldink.
Erve Veldink itself has a long history, of which at least the last 40 years have been dominated by the expansion of consciousness, which can also be felt. Furthermore, this special place offers all kinds of extra possibilities:

  • We (usually) can cook organic and/or vegetarian/vegan for you.
  • You can participate in a daily silent meditation.
  • You can borrow inspiring books.
  • There is a chi machine and vitalized water.
  • There are like-minded people, the possibility of a joint tea moment in the yard or in our living room and the possibility of joint meals.
  • You can use all kinds of personal guidance.

Guidance by Eef

Eef van Leeuwen offers body and consciousness work in the form of, among other things, craniosacral therapy, sound and coaching. Eef spends part of the year in Portugal, in the Algarve, near Lagos, often in the colder season. This summer her beautiful house can also be rented there, see under Portugal. Guidance by Eef can also take place in Portugal. Feel free to ask about the possibilities Where she is staying is shown in our agenda

The aim here is to make life easier for you, by getting to your feelings more easily, recognizing who you really are and daring to act accordingly. The head can make things so complicated.

My guidance consists of a combination of what I have collected in my toolbox in the meantime, which is not always conceivable in advance. You are the healer of your own process; I support you in that. We start with a short conversation and usually followed by a cranio.

Because the cranio-sacral system is created early in the fetus, when this rhythm is addressed, a deep relaxation often starts automatically and from there, recognition of your deeper self. Kind of unspoken, but deeply felt: Oh yes, that’s me.

-Cranio (bodywork) is usually the entrance after that, I often use
-sound (voice and singing bowls), breathwork and also
-energetic techniques from Barbara Brennan School of Light. A separate sound session can also move a lot.
– Regression sometimes arises spontaneously during a cranio treatment, because of the deep relaxation images or memories from the past can be released.
– I do not consciously use Reiki, it is in my hands and comes where it is needed. With
visceral work I make contact with the organs, which have their own energy patterns and subtle movements; by going along with these movements, the organ (and the accompanying emotional patterns) is given space and heals. Sometimes I go in
– conversation with an organ or body part, each has its own story.
Spiritual astrology is a separate session, and can provide insight into family/ancestral patterns and how it is that you always encounter your challenges in your life and what you can do with them. The same applies to a
family constellation: this can be a separate session with a group or in a 1 on 1 constellation. It often gives answers that you can’t think of.
If you have a question we can
-I Tjing throwing and interpreting (this can also be done with a few people). The correct formulation of your question is important here: the clearer your question, the clearer the answer. We therefore look together at the formulation and what exactly your question is. You can also borrow books and various tarot games to, for example, continue with this yourself. You can also
– borrow CDs with sound and voice and for breathing meditation.

Relevant training courses from Eef

  • Shamanic trainings
  • Reiki 1, 2, 3
  • Polarity Therapy and Massage
  • Awakening your Light Body and Sequels
  • Craniosacral therapy and all kinds of further training modules, in particular a lot of brain work
  • Cranio-sacral biodynamics
  • Family constellation training courses, including Health and Illness with Stefan Hausner, the Bert Hellinger Institute, Hylke Bonnema and Daan van Kampenhout
  • (Spiritual) astrology
  • Pansori Living Sound (developing the healing power of sound and voice)
  • Trainings with Marc Blausten, based on Barbara Brennans School of Light, m.g.v. shamanic ‘medicine’