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Working at Erve Veldink

Often we have work for people who can work independently. It is possible to arrange to stay here in exchange for work. There is construction, painting and yard work to be done, and sometimes cooking. Accommodation would be in an apartment or in the main house at Erve Veldink.

Depending on your skills we will arrange work that best suits you. Gardening is a great place to start, and you can see if it is the type of task for you. Working hours will be approx. 6 hours of work per day for 6 days a week, depending on what we arrange. Mostly food is included in your stay, as well as your living space. Often you cook for yourself, but sometimes we eat together. It usually depends on how many people are currently staying here. We would be able to work with you to arrange an alternate schedule, for example, if you would like a combined work and vacation experience. You can pay rent and at the end of your stay, we can arrange a way to incorporate your work into your rent. It's nice to meet you if possible (e.g. on a garden-work-day we monthly organize) before we agree on anything definite. We will find jobs for you based on what fits you best and what needs to be done.
Please contact us for a position, be it garden-, construction- or kitchen work, and we can see if there is a place for you to fit in.
We especially like to invite practical, hands-on volunteers who are looking for longer or frequent stays. This gives us the option of expanding Erve Veldink, opening possibilities for long term support with gardening, housework, hosting and other interesting opportunities.