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Who inspires Erve Veldink?

Eef van Leeuwen

For 35 years, over half of my live, I devoted a significant part of my time to the development of this centre for inspiration and consciousness.

As a student, I dreamed to live and work together with congenial people at a rural place; to be kept in an ecologically and sustainable way, pleasant and respectful for man, animal, soil and environment. As well as a place for inner growth and development.

In 1981 we discovered Erve Veldink and I recognized the atmosphere and potential of the Erve. Seven years after the family Veldink had left, we bought the buildings. For over 600 years "Erve Veldink" had been a community place for the many members of the family Veldink, according to the customs of their time.  Now, we wished to start a community here, fit for our time.

First, we focussed on workshops and summer courses on creative expression: pottery, music, theatre, painting, dance, acrobatics.

I had my studio for ceramics and pottery and ran a small art gallery. It was here, that I raised my two children, born at "Erve Veldink". For ten years, I organised Argentinean tango at "Erve Veldink". And nowadays, I offer retreats.

Over the past 30 years the focus shifted from expression to inner growth. All in pace with my own personal development, which was stimulated by the many courses given at "Erve Veldink", (e.g. trainings for shamanism and awareness), and by the intensive processes that come along with living in a community.
Meanwhile, I graduated in the fields of polarity-therapy, cranio-sacraal therapy, sound-healing, family-constellations, and spiritual astrology.

My mission is to create a place where people can feel at home in a loving welcome to encounter whatever is needed to heal and grow.

I am happy guests tell me that these conditions now have become true.
Both the place and the community people contribute to that.

We offer a bed and create a nutritive environment for personal and spiritual growth and self-realization. Please, be welcome to stay with us for a shorter or longer per
iod of time!