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Somewhere in the green eastern part of the Netherlands a monumental farmhouse is standing. In the yards the chickens, ducks, peacocks, and pigeons are scrutching. From the woods you hear the wild birds. Horses stroll along in the fields. Beautiful spots in the surrounding nature invite to meditate.


The history of this farmhouse goes back to the 14th century. Today's buildings are from the 19th century and registered as a monument.
Erve Veldink is located at the outskirts of the village Haarlo (near Borculo) in the region "Achterhoek" with its unique irregularly sloping landscape.  Alternating small fields, woodlands and brooks create a continuously changing environment with surprising vistas. Beautiful trails invite to walk and bike. The nice yards and surrounding nature invite to rest or watch the stars. Nearby, you can swim idyllically in a natural lake.

The farmhouse is inhabited by a small community, based on the principles of living in consciousness and mutual connection from the heart.

Groups and individuals are very welcome, both as guests as well as volunteer worker.
A former stable house has been transformed into a modern group house, with a nice terrace, a warm living area with piano, kitchen and bedrooms.
Individual apartments for 1-3 persons are created along the central inner yard. Here you can peacefully retreat with the opportunity of meeting congenial people for example in a group meal.

Or you can enjoy the  beautiful nature trails and have a break from your daily routine.

If you wish we can serve you B&B or biological-vegetarian meals.
During your stay we can help, counsel and accompany you in many ways, if desired.

'We provide a basis and create a nutritive environment for personal and spiritual growth and self-realization.'

Please, be welcome to stay with us for a shorter or longer period of time!