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Several 1-3 person intimate or spacious appartments, beautifully located in nature. Very suitable for people seeking their own quiet place to relax and retreat. You can be on your own as well as meeting like-minded people if you feel like it, far away form traffice noise.


De Pauw (The Peacock)
Features: 1- 3 guests, cosy, private terrace,
cupboardbed upstairs.
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De Eend (The Duck)
Features: 1-3 guests, private terrace, cupboardbed upstairs, jacuzzi. Extra fee €15 per midweek/weekend, €30 per week.
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De Duif (The Pigeon)
Features: 1-3 guests, cosy, cupboardbed,
upstairs, with a view. Extra fee €15 per midweek/weekend, €30 per week.
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De Kerkuil (The Barn Owl)

Features: 1-3 guests, upstairs, spacious, with a view, separate bedroom with new Tempur beds. Extra fee €60 per midweek/weekend, €100 per week.
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De Stijlkamer (The Style Room)
Features: 1-3 guests, spacious, cv + firewood, authentic, bath, no private kitchen. View on a seat in the front garden. Extra fee €15 per midweek/weekend, €30 per week.
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Hoekappartement (Cornerapartment)
Features: 1-3 guests, spacious, cv, authentic, own kitchen and bathroom. View on a seat in the front garden.
Extra fee €30 per midweek/weekend, €60 per week.
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Huisje (Cottage)

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Basic rates
Jan.febr.mrch+ nov.dec. April up and untill oct. +18 dec-4 jan. Weekend (fri 14.00 - mon 11.00) € 105,- € 120,- Midweek (mon 14.00 - fri 11.00, except in Summer- and Christmas holidays) € 105,- € 120,- Extra day (when possible with last-minute booking) € 35,- € 40,- Week, starting on monday or friday € 195,- € 225,-

These basic tarives are based on 1 person (not during schoolholidays and national holidays) and are all including gas and electricity and excluding linnen, final cleaning and tourist fee (€1,25 p.p.p.n.). Extra fees might be applicable to your situation. See the list below.
During the Christmas- and summerholidays we prefere renting out the apartments for a week at once; the rentingperiods can differ somewhat. A last-minute could be possible for a shorter period of time.

As an option for a small and quiet group of people doing meditation or yoga, we suggest apartment De Kerkuil + 2 other apartments. De Kerkuil has enough space and inventory to facilitate a group of 6 to 8 people.
Sometimes a family home with 3 bedrooms, a living, a kitchen and a bathroom with shower and bathtub, is also available for rent. This home is suitable for 6 to 8 people, possibly with apartment De Stijlkamer. Rates are similar to renting 2 or 3 apartments (when booking De Stijlkamer) and thus much cheaper than the groupaccommodation. Please give us a ring for information and availability.

Possible fees or extra's
- 2nd or 3rd person: €10,- p.p.p.n.
- National and school holidays: €15,- per week/midweek, €30,- per week.
- Dogs are welcome after consultation for €5,- per day.

- Bike rental €5,- per day, €25,- per week.
- Childrensbed €6,- per weekend/midweek.
- Electrical bike €7,50 per day, €35,- per week.
- Bedsheets €6,- 1-person, €8,50 2-person, towelset €5,- p.p.
- Vegetarian and mainly organic meals are often possible on request for €13,50 p.p.p.d. (€15,- including dessert)
- Final cleaning €30,- after a weekend or a midweek stay, €35,- after a week stay, €5,-extra during the Christmas holidays. Unless agreed otherwise, we count on doing the final cleaning ourselves. It is possible to do it yourself, at request, but we do expect a full cleaning, including bathroom and kitchen and charge €10 for materials and controle. Please note: decent tidying up differs from a final cleaning!
Mentioned rates are for individuals and include BTW. (VAT) Rates for organisations and businesses are excl. 9% BTW (VAT).

When you are planning on staying longer or more often a year, discounts are possible. As are adapted rates when you are interested in living on Erve Veldink temporarily.

We offer a variaty of personal care such as coaching, sound healings, massages and craniosacral treatments on request. Organic meals can be supplied if we have a cook available. Individual retreats are possible year around.

Your reservation, whether by phone or email, should be confirmed within a week by prepaying 50% of the total costs to bankaccountnumber NL31 INGB 0002 5118 59, BIC INGBNL2A on the name of Erve Veldink, Haarlo. Please mention your reservation date on the payment. The other 50% of the costs need to be payed off two weeks prior to your arrival.
For cancellations up to 1 month upon arrival we charge 10% of the total costs. After that we charge 50%.
Phone: +31 545 261448
E-mail: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.